‘The Rabbits’ teaches compassion and forgiveness

This is Sarah V. Lewis, author of the book “The Rabbits”, which  is now published and available on Amazon.com.  It is also available on Kindle.

This book, which is set in the beautiful countryside in the spring and summer time, is a Fantasy story, that  teaches young readers about forgiveness and compassion towards others. We see the Rabbits children, Webster, Lester, and their sister Mollie, showing compassion towards the character, Mrs. Allison, who had no tolerance for the rabbits whatsoever. Nevertheless, they were ready to save her when they thought she was in danger. We see here that the Rabbits had already forgiven her because without hesitation or thought of the way she had been treating them, they ran to her rescue. We also see compassion when Mollie Rabbit begged her brothers, Webster and Lester, to make sure no guns were used to capture Mr. Fox and his family. And she could not hold back the tears when she saw Mr. Fox, all haggard and tired, lying there as though dead.  No one else seemed to care whether he meant well or not, but Mollie knew in her heart that Mr. Fox really did not want to hurt any of them.  His reputation had preceded him and no one expected anything good from him. The immediate reaction of the Rabbit boys and their sister Mollie, showed that they did not think twice about helping Mrs. Allison, their sworn enemy.  All they knew was that they had to save her when she was confronted by Mr.Red Fox. The Fox family was also saved when the children called the Animal Control Center, who quickly took the animals to the safety of the zoo. This is a wonderful book for young people to read.This book can also be enjoyed by readers of all ages!


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