The Rabbits

Main Characters

  • Webster Rabbit
  • Lester Rabbit
  • Molly Rabbit
  • Mrs. Allison
  • Mr. Allison

Other characters

  • Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit
  • Mr. & Mrs. Patches
  • Emily Patches
  • Mr. Red Fox

Publisher: Meadowcreek Books for All Readers

The Rabbits cover

This fantasy story is set in the beautiful countryside.

Webster Lester and their tween sister Molly Rabbit – who is really a kind girl, likes painting her nails, and babysitting – get into mischief when they decide to go into the Allisons’ yard to play in the grass and snack on the flowers. They get doused with water, chased by dogs and almost snatched up by a group of little league boys. For
the three rabbits, there are new dangers to face every day in the woods.

Aside from trying to avoid getting caught by Mrs. Allison when they go into her garden to play, and trying to avoid getting run over by Mr. Allison’s old lawn mower, the rabbits must look out for Mr. Red Fox!

Life for the rabbits is full of adventure and surprises!”

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