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The new book Molly Rabbit Goes To School” by Sarah V. Lewis is now on Amazon. This new book by author Sarah V. Lewis, is great for reading now and for summertime reading also.


Molly Rabbit Goes To School”, along with all of the other Sarah V. Lewis’ books, are for children of all ages, starting at age 6 to teens.

Some books by the author which can be enjoyed by children in their mid to late teens are:


“THE RABBITS”: the setting of this story is in the beautiful countryside where animals and people live together. A little girl named Molly Rabbit, grew up here with her family, friends, foxes, birds and other animals, grass covered hills and flowery meadows.  She and her brothers, Webster and Lester loved to play in their neighbor’s garden. But Molly would never think of eating Mrs. Allison’s flowers. Her brothers on the other hand, would eat everything in sight…  Molly grew up and was about to enter fifth grade….

The Rabbits cover

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Molly Rabbit goes to school cover sm


Molly expected her BFF Emily Patches to be there for her when school started in the Fall. She had spent the whole summer babysitting for the new neighbors, but every chance she got she spent with Emily picking blue berries, and staying safe in the beautiful countryside where they both lived.

So how come on the first day of school Emily should look at Molly as if she just came from the planet Mars?

And who is that new boy at school? Will he befriend Molly? Will Emily be Jealous?

And who is Cressida Welsh?

Find this book on – available in print and on kindle


Children will be better able to connect with the story “Molly Rabbit Goes To School” by reading the first book in the series: “The Rabbits” by Sarah V. Lewis, available on Amazon.combeautiful little girl reading book

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