Summer 2016 Reading plan for parents and children

Reading plan for parents and children


Happy Summer, parents, and children of all ages! – You may take many dips in the pool!  BUT –


First: ask your parents


It’s Summer time and the weather is fine! The weather will also be very hot so with your parents’ permission, take care of all of the animals that you can, whether or not they are your own pets!

Here is a little brain teaser for parents and children

Find the meaning of these two words:


  1. Weather____________

  2. Whether____________


And Remember to:


Take care of yourself by eating and drinking healthy foods, and don’t forget to:

Read! Read! Read!


Yes, it’s summer once again and all are looking for interesting books to read!

Here’s a great book for your children to read:


Animal Stowaway by author, Sarah V. Lewis (available via Amazon)


This book is chock full of summer adventure and daring for kids 8-to teens! It shows five animal-loving children taking care of an animal because they love it. Follow their progress as they take care of this animal all summer long!



YES, I am following their progress! They took care of the animal, all summer long, without their parents’ help! So, I agree, look no further. Animal Stowaway by Sarah V. Lewis is a great place to get your Summer Reading on! Once you pick up this book you won’t want to put it down. (available on

n.comAsk me anything!



  1. “Where did the children find this mysterious animal!”
  2. “What will happen if their parents should find out about the animal?”
  3. “Worse of all, what if cousin Harriet, the chatterbox, finds out about it!”


Solve this scenario:

If you were a character in the story “Animal Stowaway” by Sarah V. Lewis, how would you solve this problem?

“Imagine you are standing on the stairs with your backpack in hand and the live exotic animal you are hiding is about to crawl out, when suddenly your mom appear and grab the backpack to search for your science fair assignment?”

Parents, do not let your children miss out on the fun and suspense!

Read “Animal Stowaway” by Sarah V. Lewis, to find the answers to all of your questions.

(Available via Amazon)



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