Animal Stowaway Available on Kindle

Book:            “The Animal Stowaway”

Author:        “Sarah V. Lewis”

Imprint: Meaddowcreek Books for all Readers

Illustrator:  Adela Lewis

The book “The Animal Stowaway” is about a group of children who in the summertime, found an exotic creature which can turn itself into a ball and unfurl into a regular shaped animal with two front paws and two hind feet.  At first they did not know what type of an animal it was but because of its habit of turning into a ball and back again into its mousy self, it became an object of great interest to these children. They knew their parents would not allow them to hang on to this unknown creature, so they snook it into the house and hid it under their bed for the whole summer without the slightest knowledge of their parents!  How is that possible? You will have to read the story to find out! And too, there was one thing the children forgot to find out before taking the animal home!  It was a busy summer for the children, trying to keep the secret animal from their parents, and when cousin Harriet the big mouth arrived on the scene, things got even worse! But two of the children found out that they really liked each other after all!…. Read on! Happy summertime reading!

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