The Rabbits Sample Chapter

The Rabbits – Chapter 1
Author: Sarah V Lewis
Publisher: Meadowcreek Books for All Readers

Three precocious rabbits named Webster, Lester and their baby sister, Molly Rabbit, lived with their parents in the countryside of Douglashire, a small village in the American Southwest.

It was the first day of spring and Webster, Lester and Molly Rabbit thought it was a nice day to skip across Mrs. Allison’s perfectly manicured lawn. The grass was so green and inviting that they felt they just had to go and play in it.

It was also the perfect time to go, because not only were the afternoons now sunny and nice, but it was still too early in the spring for Mr. Red Fox to be out of his hole to bother them. So they strolled along enjoying the sights of the wild flowers growing by the wayside, stopping only at the top of the knoll near the wild anise bushes.

From where they stood, the Allison’s lawn looked green and smooth. They imagined how velvety the grass would feel under their dainty little feet, while at the same time, peering through the bushes to make sure that Mrs. Allison was nowhere in sight.

They waited quietly. Lester and Webster thought of a nibble or two of the young Lilly of the valley shoots springing up amongst the grass, and though it made them hungry for a snack, they promised themselves that they would not eat anything. Their main intent was playing in the Allison’s smooth and grassy lawn.

At last, with no one in sight, they hurried on downhill. The late afternoon sun was now shining directly on their faces.

As they hopped amongst the shrubs, Molly thought she saw something red dart across the trees; but it was so quick and then she didn’t see it anymore.

Molly Rabbit thought to herself that she must have just imagined seeing something. She didn’t bother to say anything to Webster and Lester. Instead she kept hopping along trying to keep up with them as they made their way to the Allison’s house.

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