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Children watch too much TV. Studies show that children watch three hours of television per day. Let’s see if we can encourage the children to read more. One thing we can start to do as parents is to limit children’s TV viewing in an effort to make time for other activities such as READING.

Here are 3 things never to use to encourage Reading:

  1. Never use TV as a reward for reading
  2. Never use TV as a punishment for not reading
  3. Never pay a child to read (Yes, some parents do!)

Here are three things to use to encourage reading:

  1. Let the children use bookmarks. Bookmarks tells them that they don’t have to read a book non-stop, but can stop, mark the page with a bookmark and get back to the story later that same day.
  2. Let them see you read
  3. Discuss what you read with them…

Amongst many other great books for kids to read is THE RABBITS by Sarah V. Lewis. (kids of all ages and 8-12)


ANIMAL STOWAWAY – This story is about the natural kindness of children towards animals and the bonding that happens between them. (Good Christmas break read for all ages as we remember Cecil the Lion)

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You can read Animal Stowaway on Kindle here

MOM WHERE’S MY DOLL– A Christmas time story about a little girl’s longing for a doll. (It’s not too early to get your copy.) (Buy a copy on Amazon) Also check out Sarah V Lewis’s facebook page for fun illustrations and other related media.

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*MOLLY RABBIT GOES TO SCHOOL     (*Coming soon in October, 2015 – This book is a spinoff from THE RABBITS. Read about what Molly’s BFF Emily Patches did to her on the first day of school)

In the mean time, here is a synopsis of: THE RABBITS

This fantasy story is about a family, the setting of which is in a beautiful countryside of green sunny meadows and houses with red roofs and chimneys for colder days. Horses run freely in the fenced properties, and here and there a certain animal family may appear on its way to pick some blue berries for supper.

In this healthy environment, lived three children of the Rabbits family: Webster Lester and their tween sister Molly Rabbit. The Rabbits family and their neighbors, except Mrs. Allison, all look out for one another. Mrs. Allison did not like the Rabbits children. One day she even doused them with a bucket of ice cold water.

On the other hand, these three children, Webster, Lester and Molly like Mrs. Allison and actually saved her life one day. She had seen a deep hole in her garden and went to investigate. When she looked up she was face with the horror of all horrors.


THE RABBITS by Sarah V. Lewis, available on Amazon Kindle (Purchase a copy on Amazon)

Lets talk more about the Rabbit’s children

Who is Webster Rabbit?

Webster Rabbit wants to be a basketball pro. He loves his family and takes good care of his sister Molly. One day, his quick thinking helped save Molly’s life.  Danger was only inches away from her heels as she was chased all the way to her BFF Emily’s house.

What happened that day?

Webster had seen a family picking blue berries not far from his home. After picking their baskets full of berries, they went in the direction his sister would be taking to get home from her after-school babysitting job. Knowing his sister was on her way home he and his brother Lester quickly got on their bikes to meet her. But not before…


Were Webster and Lester able to save their sister Molly that day? To find the answers, order your copy of THE RABBITS on Amazon Kindle @ $5.99


Who is Lester Rabbit?

Lester is the very smart younger brother of the Rabbit’s family. He is a member of the Little League Basketball Sports Team, who, one day, had to save his brother Webster from a group of older basketball boys in the neighborhood.

Who is Molly Rabbit?

Molly is a really kind and cool girl, who likes painting her nails, wearing the latest fashion, and babysitting. She only gets into trouble when she decides to go into the Allisons’ yard to play in the grass while her brothers Webster and Lester snack on the flowers. She always tried to stop them from eating down the flowers but they never listened until one day…

What happened that day? Read all about it in THE RABBITS, by Sarah V. Lewis, available on Amazon Kindle (LINK)

Dangers in the Woods!

For the three Rabbits, Webster, Lester and Molly, there are new dangers to face every day in the woods. Aside from getting doused with ice cold water, chased by dogs and almost snatched up by a group of tough little leaguers, they are also busy trying to avoid getting caught by Mrs. Allison when they go into her garden to play.

Trying to avoid getting run over by Mr. Allison’s antique lawn mower, is another sweat, but the rabbits must look out for the worse enemy of all.

Who is this enemy? Would it hurt to get to know the enemy? Maybe the enemy just needs a friend? Read all about the Rabbits and their life which is chock full of adventure and surprises!

THE RABBITS by Sarah V. Lewis, available on Amazon Kindle (Purchase a copy on Amazon) is a great book for all in the family to read.