The Rabbits Chapter 2 – Chapter 5

The rabbits sarah v lewis the story of 3 rabbits named lester webster and Molly Rabbit eat the flowers in their neighbors garden

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The rabbits sarah v lewis the story of 3 rabbits named lester webster and Molly Rabbit eat the flowers in their neighbors garden

The Rabbits – Chapter 2

The rabbits reached the Allison’s house. Up close the grass looked even greener and smoother; but it was no surprise to any of them because they knew that Mr. Allison spent a lot of time mowing his lawn.

In fact they had heard when he was mowing the lawn earlier in the day. And up to the time they were heading to the Allison’s yard they heard the lawn mower for a brief period which meant Mr. Allison was still mowing. He always seemed to spend his entire day mowing; and the rabbits found the drone of the lawn mower very annoying.

“That old lawn mower needs to be replaced,” whispered Webster Rabbit to his siblings after they had entered the Allison’s yard.

“It’s so noisy—so noisy.” Lester and Molly agreed that the lawn mower was noisy; but Molly couldn’t help thinking that even though the lawn mower was indeed old and noisy, Mr. Allison had still managed to do a fine job with it. The lawn was as flat and smooth as velvet under her feet. So, even though the lawnmower was indeed loud, it had still done a good job; and it seemed to her that was the only thing that should really matter.

“Isn’t the lawn beautiful though, Webster?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s as smooth as silk.” answered Webster. “God has blessed this place with beauty.”

That was all Molly had wanted to hear from Webster, and he knew it!

The rabbits skipped across to the kitchen area of the Allison’s yard. First one, then the other, and the other. Skip, skip, skip in the soft, green grass.

It was a bright and beautiful day. The sunshine was glistening on the grass; but it was still quite cool with a slight breeze blowing every now and then. The rabbits were in heaven; but then Molly suddenly shrieked!

“What is it?” asked Webster, his ears going straight up as he followed his sister’s gaze.

“It’s Mrs. Allison!” cried Molly. “I think she saw us! Quick, let’s run!”

But before the Rabbits could get out of the way, Mrs. Allison had burst open the kitchen door and pitched a big pot of cold water at them. They cried out in shock as water dripped from their bodies, flattening their fur and ears. The assault left them frozen for an instant before they began to shake the water off.

“Oh snap!” cried Lester. She threw the water right in my eyes! I can’t even


While the rabbits were still trying to shake off the water, Webster noticed that Mrs. Allison was marching like a soldier on patrol back into her kitchen.

“Run for your lives!” he cried to Lester and Molly. “She’s going to get more water!”

The Rabbits – Chapter 3

The Allison children were doing their homework at the table when they saw the shadows of the Rabbits on their kitchen door.

At the same time, Mrs. Allison was coming out with another pot of ice-cold water.

“All of this skipping and frolicking on my lawn has to stop!” she was fretting to herself as she raced to the door yelling, “Get out of my yard you Rabbits. Shoo, go away…”

She threw the ice-cold water at them but the pot slipped out of her hands and rolled down the grassy knoll.

“Rats,” yelled Webster to his siblings, “The Rottweiler is really after us. Quick, hide behind the lavenders.”

The Allison children ran to the door to see what was really going on.

“Oh Ma, they are just baby Rabbits, let them stay,” begged Gloria Allison.

“Oh no, they are not as young as you think. They are going to eat down my flowers…. Shoo, shoo…” yelled Mrs. Allison, and pointing her index finger at them, said: “If I never saw the likes of you again it would not be too soon!”

The rabbits made a dash for it. They scurried through the nearest shrubs out of the Allison’s yard; but they did not make a safe escape because there was a dog in the yard where they ended up and it came charging at them, barking.

“Oh dear, mom, look what you’ve done,” sighed the children.

“Serves them right,” said Mrs. Allison. “Why do they only come into my yard, anyway?”

“Oh, Ma,” answered Lucy Allison, “They love to play in our grass.” Lucy had heard the talk around the neighborhood that the Allisons had the best- looking lawn and garden in the village.

“But now the dogs are after them,” continued Lucy Allison with a sad note to her voice.

The Rabbits – Chapter 4

Luckily, the Rabbits made it safely out of the yard with the dogs. They ran and ran until they were out of breath and had to stop to rest just below the slope of the hill.

“Did you hear the noise Mrs. Allison was making at us?” asked Webster the talkative Rabbit. “No one can even cross her path without her shouting at them.”

“You are right Webster,” Lester Rabbit agreed. “We’re not yelling at her about the noise her lawn mower makes every year from spring to fall. And don’t you think they should be able to buy a new lawn mower by now?”

“Yes, they should be able to,” said Webster as they brushed themselves off and started walking back to the Allison’s house.

“They have the best house and lawn in the neighborhood so they can buy a new lawn mower.”

“And if they buy a new mower then we won’t have to put up with the noise of the old one from now until the Fall,” added Lester “

“Come to think of it, that’s a long time to be listening to that sound,” said Webster, holding on to his ears.

“And do you know how much damage that’s doing to our young ears?” chimed in Molly Rabbit. “Yet we are not yelling at her.”

Webster figured if even Molly was in agreement, then he must have a valid reason to complain about the Allison’s and their noisy machine, because Molly wasn’t usually one to criticize others or complain about things.

Armed with a heightened sense of smarts, he went on to quiz his siblings.

“Have you guys ever wondered about the number of acres of land the Allisons have?” he asked, putting his finger on his closed lips in deep thought.

“Why would we need to know that?” asked Lester, who was already guesstimating the answer.

“Because it will estimate how long we will have to listen to that noisy lawnmower,” replied Webster who was really mad at Mrs. Allison for shooing them out of her yard, right into the jaws of those bloodhounds!


The Rabbits – Chapter 5

Molly glanced at her brand new watch. The time was going by really fast. They had spent too much time along the footpath out of Mrs. Allison’s sight.

It was getting darker as they quietly walked along. It was now so still in the woods they could hear the crickets chirping!

Once again they were back at the Allison’s house. There was just about enough room for them to crawl under the gate.

They were half way under when Mr. Allison turned on the lawn mower once again.  He had left out a small patch of grass next to the flowerbed!

“Hurry, he’s coming this way,” yelled Webster to his siblings as they squeezed themselves under the gate and raced pass the flowerbeds.

“We are lost, Webster,” whispered Molly. “I am not at all familiar with this part of the yard.”

“And the last thing we want is for Mrs. Allison to see us,” Webster whispered back while looking around for an escape route.

“Let’s just make a dash for it that way,” said Lester pointing. “I think that’s the way back downhill.”

Webster didn’t want to take the risk that Lester might be wrong but he could sense the danger in being so close to the Allison’s house. He knew they had to make haste and run so he agreed to go the way Lester suggested.

Luckily it turned out Lester had guessed right. In a flash the rabbits were at the bottom of the grassy knoll where they waited for Mr. Allison to finish his mowing and go inside of his house. A few mosquitoes buzzed at their ears as they waited.


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