Summer 2019 Reading list


I hope everyone is still having a great summer. Princess stories are fun to read. They have happy endings! Read some fairy tales today. Sometimes you may meet a wicked witch or a mean step mother! Watch out.

One example of a princess story that will make for great summer reading is “The Princess Frog” by Disney Book Group, Disney Storybook Art Team

When Tiana kisses Prince Naveen, who has been enchanted into a frog, she turns into a frog too! As they explore the bayou, they find good friends and maybe even love. But will they find a way to become human again, so Tiana can open the restaurant she’s always dreamed of? This collectible storybook includes beautiful, full color art in the style of the beloved film, The Princess and the Frog.

If you haven’t yet added any Sarah V Lewis books to your bookshelf, here are some links to help you find Sarah V Lewis books on Amazon.

Molly Rabbit Goes To School

Mollie Rabbit Goes to school

Molly Rabbit Goes To School is Book 2 of Sarah V. Lewis’ series about three Rabbit Siblings. In book one, ‘The Rabbits’, she introduced readers to Molly Rabbit and her brothers Lester and Webster. In book two, summer has come to an end and Molly is starting fifth grade. She‘s excited to return to school, but her excitement turns to sadness when she discovers that her best friend Emily has traded her in for a new best friend. Molly tries to keep her head up. However, Emily isn’t making that very easy.

One rainy day in the fall, just when the weather was getting frosty, while hurrying for the school bus and wearing her brand new boots, Molly falls in the mud. Emily walks right by her with her new best friend Cressida. Molly can’t believe that her friendship with Emily is really over and that Emily would now be so mean to her. Then just when Molly thinks the rest of the school year is going to be miserable, and with Halloween and Christmas in the air, she meets a boy on the school bus. His name is Willden Smith. His family is from England and they’ve just moved to town. Molly and Willden become friends, but she still misses her BFF Emily. Will Molly and Emily become friends again?

Read this second book in “The Rabbits” book series by Sarah V. Lewis to find out what happens with Molly and Emily, Emily’s new best friend Cressida, and Willden Smith. Buy on Amazon

The Rabbits

The Rabbits cover

Webster Lester and their tween sister Molly Rabbit – who is really a kind girl, likes painting her nails, and babysitting – get into mischief when they decide to go into the Allisons’ yard to play in the grass and snack on the flowers. They get doused with water, chased by dogs and almost snatched up by a group of little league boys. For
the three rabbits, there are new dangers to face every day in the woods.

Aside from trying to avoid getting caught by Mrs. Allison when they go into her garden to play, and trying to avoid getting run over by Mr. Allison’s old lawn mower, the rabbits must look out for Mr. Red Fox!

Life for the rabbits is full of adventure and surprises!” Buy on Amazon

Mom Where’s My Doll

picture of Freda and Sassafras in bed

This book, “Mom where’s my doll?” is a Realistic Fiction Christmas story about a child, Freda, not understanding why from ever since she could remember, she never got a doll from her mother at Christmas or for any other occasion. Her sisters got their Barbie and American girl dolls every Christmas, but no dolls for poor Freda!

Being the child who resembles her mom the most, Freda thought she would be the pampered one, though she never wanted to be – her siblings mattered to her more than anything and she would not want them to be treated as second best. But why do her mother’s expectations of her seem to be so demanding by comparison to her siblings’? Why does she expect Freda to solve her own problems no matter how difficult they may be? There seem to be so many unanswered questions about Freda’s mother’s treatment of her. Will there be answers to Freda’s questions and if those answers are revealed will they ease her confusion and her feelings of not being loved? Will she come to understand her mother’s outlook on life? Will she start to see her mother in a new light and be able to forgive her? Buy on Amazon

Animal Stowaway

Harriet falling down stairs

The Smiths and the Logans are neighbors who enjoy doing things together. One day they go on a trip to the beach, and Sam and Lucy Smith, along with Sara, Walt and Larry Logan find a strange animal that can turn itself into a ball. They take the animal home and hide it under Sam’s bed. As the days pass the animal becomes harder and harder to hide.

sam and lucy looking under sam's bed copy
sam and lucy looking under sam’s bed copy

It squeaks when it gets hungry so the children have to keep it fed with hamburger meat. Then just when they least need more problems, Sam and Lucy learn that their cousin Harriet is going to be spending a few weeks with them. It’s hard enough to keep their parents from finding out about the animal. Cousin Harriet has a big mouth and likes to get them into trouble. How are they going to prevent her from finding out about the animal and telling on them? Buy on Amazon


What’s on your child’s summer 2018 reading list?

Add Sarah V Lewis’s books to your child’s Summer 2018 reading list.


For more on what your child should be reading this summer, check out the resources below:

2018 ALSC Summer Reading Lists

The Association for Library Service to Children is a division of the American Library Association. You can find their Summer 2018 reading list for children via the link below: “2018 ALSC Summer Reading Lists”, American Library Association, May 2, 2018.

The list is broken down into age groups:

  • Birth – Preschool
  • Kindergarten – 2nd grade
  • 3rd grade – 5th grade
  • 6th grade – 8th grade

Our 2018 Summer Reading List for Kids (

Click here for the summer 2018 titles suggested by editors of the website

Have a child who isn’t all that fond of reading? Maybe a summer reading incentive program could help you in your quest to get your child to read a book or two over summer vacation. has an article about summer reading incentive programs that includes links to information about a number of such programs. Click here to check out the article.

It’s not too late to sign up your young reader for the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge runs from Monday May 7th 2018 – Friday September 7 2018. Here’s some information from the website about the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge.

Why is summer reading important? According to the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report™: 6th Edition, both kids (80%) and parents (96%) agree that summer reading will help the child during the school year.

Whether you are a returning participant or joining the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge for the first time, we’re excited for you to enjoy our brand-new website filled with fresh content for students, educators, librarians, community partners and families. There are some changes you’ll want to be aware of this year! Read on!

Find out more about the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge here.


Summer 2017

It’s time to get your summer reading, 2017, on!


Summer is here and we are all trying to have a fun time with our friends and neighbors.


Did you know that reading your favorite book at the beach with your feet in the sand is a cool thing to do?

Also, that researching a new topic or idea in LANGUAGE ARTS, e.g. Poetry will help you appreciate READING more?


If you cannot be at the beach, or researching in your room, I hope you have been READING, and are READING every book you are allowed to READ.




Have you read the story about a very loving dinosaur which some children found on the beach one summer?




Is the animal really a dinosaur?

What should we feed it?

Is it noisy?

Will our parents find out about it?

Well, you can find out the answers right now if you want to. Get the book!!!

ANIMAL STOWAWAY By Sarah V. Lewis, is available on Amazon, (For kids 8 – 12), but readers of all ages will also enjoy this great story about some kids taking care of an unusual type of an animal in their bedroom. Why is the animal growing so fast?  Will the space under the bed become too small for it? Do you want to find out? Then get your copy of  ANIMAL STOWAWAY By Sarah V. Lewis. It is a great book to read.

Of course there are other books you can also read to get your summer reading on, and keep it going on:

For example, have you read any poems lately?


Here is a verse of a poem you may like:



I wandered lonely as a cloud

That floats on high o’er vales and hills,

When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host, of golden daffodils;

Beside the lake, beneath the trees,

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

By William Wordsworth.


Other things to do this summer:

In a quiet place, Look up and see God’s blue sky!


Look at the changing shapes of the clouds!


Write some poems!


Purchase: “ANIMAL STOWAWAY” By Sarah V. Lewis, Author


“ANIMAL STOWAWAY” is available on kindle



During the summer, you could learn to become your own illustrator for your future publications.

 Someone is serious about drawing!






try reading them! You will love them!

All books and e-books are available on



“LOOK, the flowers of summer are blooming!”







Images of summer…








Summer reading 2017 – Animal Stowaway Chapter 5

sam and lucy looking under sam's bed copy

sam and lucy looking under sam's bed copy

sam and lucy looking under sam’s bed copy

While they were lying side by side on the floor looking at the animal in the glass bottle under the bed, Lucy reminded Sam about the lizard and what their mom had said about bringing animals inside the house without permission.

“You’d better hope you don’t get caught, Sam,” she said.

“You’re in this too,” Sam reminded her. “But don’t worry, we won’t get into any trouble.”

Lucy sat up and crossed her arm over her chest. “What do you mean I’m in this too? I told you not to go into the cave remember? And I told you to put the animal back but you didn’t listen.”

Sam shook his head at his sister.

“You didn’t tell mom and dad I had the animal in my pocket, Lucy,” he pointed out. “And you brought the glass jar for me to put it in.”

Lucy knew exactly what her mother would say to that. How many times had she heard the words, “when you help someone do something wrong you become guilty of wrong right along with them”? She knew Sam was right. She was in this too. One way or another, if their parents found out about the animal she was going to be in as much trouble as Sam.

“I think we had better take it outside and set it free right now!” she said.

Sam got to his feet as though he was going to get the animal and Lucy’s heart skipped a beat.

“I think I want you to keep the animal, but I’m afraid,” said Lucy, thoroughly confused with her feelings.

“We’ll set it free in a few days,” said Sam. “Don’t worry.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

Later that evening after they had finished getting ready for bed, they checked on the animal to make sure it hadn’t somehow managed to get out of the glass jar. Sam and Lucy were relieved to find that the animal was still safe and sound in the glass jar where they had left it.

“What do you think it might be?” Lucy asked Sam as they lay on the floor staring under the bed.

“I don’t know,” Sam answered. “It doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen before.”

“Maybe we should give it a name.”

Sam agreed.

Lucy suggested naming it Polly but Sam shook his head.

“Polly is a girl’s name,” he said.

“How do you know it’s not a girl?”

“I don’t; but you don’t know it’s not a boy either.”

“I guess we should give it a name that can be a girl’s or a boy’s name then.”

“That’s a good idea; but we should wait until tomorrow when everybody can get together and name it. Larry, Walt and Sara might not be happy if we named it without them.”

Sam reached under the bed and pulled the jar out to take a closer look at the animal. The animal didn’t necessarily seem too concerned with being trapped inside the jar. It wasn’t making any motions as if it wanted to get out, but it was moving about in the jar as if looking for something in the corners.

“You think it might be hungry?” Lucy asked.

“Probably,” Sam said.

“We’d better try to feed it something.  I wonder what it eats.”

Sam laid down flat and put his face right up to the glass as he watched the animal.

“I wish I could figure out what type of animal it is. Then I’d have an idea what it might eat.”

“Maybe it eats nuts like a squirrel. Or maybe carrots like a rabbit.”

“I guess we can try to feed it both.”

“Want me to go get some?”

“No. I can do it quicker than you.”

Sam left the room and returned a moment later with a small carrot and a small bowl filled with milk.

“I couldn’t find any nuts.”

“I think nuts would be too hard for it to eat anyway,” said Lucy.


Read the full book on Kindle



Summer Reading: Molly Rabbit Goes to School

Molly Rabbit Goes to School


School will start very soon! Are you hoping to make new friends this school year? Well let me tell you about a girl named Molly Rabbit

who was so sure of her friendship with Emily Patches that she did not even think anything could go wrong with it.

I mean, they both went shopping together for new school clothes and supplies, saw movies, read the best selling books and hung out together all summer long.

Then BAM! The weekend before school started Molly tried a million times to reach Emily but could not. It was as if Emily was mad at her for doing something wrong.

Molly searched her heart to find out just what sin was she guilty of? Something told her that maybe its not what she did but what she didn’t do. There just were no answers. 


But, Psst! Just between you and me, could it be about this boy from England?

And who is he anyway? Why would Emily stopped talking to Molly over a boy none of them has ever seen?

Read and find the outcome of  this beautiful, beautiful story! Available on Amazon Kindle right now!



Should Molly give up trying to reach Emily?

 Should she wait until she is actually on the bus to school where she knows she will see Emily, and try to find out what went wrong and why she was not answering her texts?

Molly also wondered: What if Emily says she doesn’t talk to people like me anymore. Then, thought Molly, I will just have to keep on asking her why, louder and louder:

Then Emily could say: I don’t like being howled at.         

“But I didn’t howl at you”, I can almost hear Molly’s trembling little voice pleading with Emily.”

Molly is really a sweet girl. I haven’t met her, I mean, there is no way I could get out of my watery environment and stay alive, but Mr. Fox did meet her. Read “The Rabbits” by Sarah V. Lewis and find out what happened to Molly while baby-sitting one Summer!  Get your summer reading on right into Fall!



Remember your bookmarks! That way you can read and if you have to stop reading for a bit, just mark the page you stopped on and go, then continue reading as if you have never left!


“Should Molly endure all of this or should she just walk away? I mean, I am a dolphin and I can tell Molly is not needed anymore. BUT READ THE BOOK: “MOLLY RABBIT GOES TO SCHOOL” By Sarah V. Lewis, AND FIND OUT THE AMAZING OUTCOME OF THIS STORY ABOUT FRIENDSHIPS, CRUSHES, COMPASSION, AND A BOY NAMED WILLDEN. Available on


Sarah V. Lewis, Author, is a funny and reliable person. She has a vivid imagination and her love of children helps with her being able to invent and create stories about them.

Other books by Sarah V. Lewis :-

        Mom where is my doll?

        The Rabbits

        Molly Rabbit Goes To School

        Animal Stowaway


are happening all around us



by Sarah V. Lewis.



Sarah writes books for kids of all ages. From Grades 3 to High School. Parents and siblings can also enjoy these books.



Summer 2016 Reading plan for parents and children


Reading plan for parents and children


Happy Summer, parents, and children of all ages! – You may take many dips in the pool!  BUT –


First: ask your parents


It’s Summer time and the weather is fine! The weather will also be very hot so with your parents’ permission, take care of all of the animals that you can, whether or not they are your own pets!

Here is a little brain teaser for parents and children

Find the meaning of these two words:


  1. Weather____________

  2. Whether____________


And Remember to:


Take care of yourself by eating and drinking healthy foods, and don’t forget to:

Read! Read! Read!


Yes, it’s summer once again and all are looking for interesting books to read!

Here’s a great book for your children to read:


Animal Stowaway by author, Sarah V. Lewis (available via Amazon)


This book is chock full of summer adventure and daring for kids 8-to teens! It shows five animal-loving children taking care of an animal because they love it. Follow their progress as they take care of this animal all summer long!



YES, I am following their progress! They took care of the animal, all summer long, without their parents’ help! So, I agree, look no further. Animal Stowaway by Sarah V. Lewis is a great place to get your Summer Reading on! Once you pick up this book you won’t want to put it down. (available on

n.comAsk me anything!



  1. “Where did the children find this mysterious animal!”
  2. “What will happen if their parents should find out about the animal?”
  3. “Worse of all, what if cousin Harriet, the chatterbox, finds out about it!”


Solve this scenario:

If you were a character in the story “Animal Stowaway” by Sarah V. Lewis, how would you solve this problem?

“Imagine you are standing on the stairs with your backpack in hand and the live exotic animal you are hiding is about to crawl out, when suddenly your mom appear and grab the backpack to search for your science fair assignment?”

Parents, do not let your children miss out on the fun and suspense!

Read “Animal Stowaway” by Sarah V. Lewis, to find the answers to all of your questions.

(Available via Amazon)




Getting to Know Mr. Red Fox

Mr. Fox is not trusted in this world. In the story “THE RABBITS” by Sarah V. Lewis you can read about a new way to see Mr. Fox. He is actually afraid to approach people. He is afraid of what they may think about him. Some may say, “He is up to no good,” and when they say that, it tears his heart to pieces because all he ever wanted to do was to help people.

In the story: “THE RABBITS”, he wanted to tell Molly not to be afraid of him but what did she do? She ran away from him and the more he ran to keep up with her to tell her he would not hurt her, the more she ran until she reached her best friend Emily’s house.

And where was Emily on the first day of school when Molly needed a friend? Was she trying to help Molly? No, she just stood there and looked down her haughty nose at Molly while she laid covered in mud, and laughed at her with her new found friend, Cressida Welch.

Mr Fox never ever wanted to hurt Molly or her brothers. He remembered when they were little babies, and how he used to watch over them.

Read “THE RABBITS” BY Sarah V. Lewis, available on $5.99


Image via

What children are saying about The Rabbits

Here are some comments about ‘The Rabbits’ from some of the children Sarah V Lewis tutors

  1. “The Rabbits” is an excellent story. I believe Mr. Fox wanted to be friends with people especially with Molly and her brothers. After all they were neighbors since early childhood, and he has never hurt them.
  2. I really enjoyed this book. I cried when Molly said “No guns!” to the zoo keepers, even if the shots fired were just tranquilizers.
  3. Mr. Fox is a good guy. I felt sad for him and could feel his pain when the tranquilizer darts hit him.
  4. I could tell Mr. Fox was in pain and I could imagine him being scared of the guns pointed at him. He couldn’t help being scared. He really didn’t know they were not bullets but darts to make him sleep.
  5. the story teaches about giving second chances in life. So many people have said so many bad things about foxes that nobody expects anything good of them.
  6. I think Mr. Fox is a good person, but also I don’t know what is really in his heart, because he has inherited the bad reputation of his ancestors and so its hard to tell if he is acting or not…
  7. I think it’s good that they took him to the zoo.
  8. Mr. Fox didn’t like it when Mrs. Allison yelled at the Rabbits and threw ice cold water on them. For that I think he is a cool guy.
  9. He is a nice person when he is asleep…
  10. Why did Mr. Fox run after Molly? That would scare me because I wouldn’t be able to tell if he was trying to help me or not! …


Sarah V. Lewis books available on Amazon

sarah v lewis childrens books

The new book Molly Rabbit Goes To School” by Sarah V. Lewis is now on Amazon. This new book by author Sarah V. Lewis, is great for reading now and for summertime reading also.


Molly Rabbit Goes To School”, along with all of the other Sarah V. Lewis’ books, are for children of all ages, starting at age 6 to teens.

Some books by the author which can be enjoyed by children in their mid to late teens are:


“THE RABBITS”: the setting of this story is in the beautiful countryside where animals and people live together. A little girl named Molly Rabbit, grew up here with her family, friends, foxes, birds and other animals, grass covered hills and flowery meadows.  She and her brothers, Webster and Lester loved to play in their neighbor’s garden. But Molly would never think of eating Mrs. Allison’s flowers. Her brothers on the other hand, would eat everything in sight…  Molly grew up and was about to enter fifth grade….

The Rabbits cover

Find this book on available in print and on kindle




Molly Rabbit goes to school cover sm


Molly expected her BFF Emily Patches to be there for her when school started in the Fall. She had spent the whole summer babysitting for the new neighbors, but every chance she got she spent with Emily picking blue berries, and staying safe in the beautiful countryside where they both lived.

So how come on the first day of school Emily should look at Molly as if she just came from the planet Mars?

And who is that new boy at school? Will he befriend Molly? Will Emily be Jealous?

And who is Cressida Welsh?

Find this book on – available in print and on kindle


Children will be better able to connect with the story “Molly Rabbit Goes To School” by reading the first book in the series: “The Rabbits” by Sarah V. Lewis, available on Amazon.combeautiful little girl reading book


New Book ‘Molly Rabbit Goes to School’ By Sarah V. Lewis

“Molly Rabbit Goes to School” By Sarah V. Lewis, is now available on Kindle and on Hurry and get a copy for yourself and a gift for a friend.

“Molly Rabbit goes to school” is the must read book to curl up with on any day, and especially on a chilly winter’s day and during Christmas vacation. It is a pleasant read about a growing up girl dealing with her first crush, the embarrassment of being dumped by her BFF and the task of trying to become a little more independent in her life.

Mollie Rabbit Goes to school skating kids

The world has no place for nice girls but Molly can prove them wrong when she decides to be there for her nemesis Cressida Welsh, and have the grace to bow out of the triangle that seemed to be forming between her new friend, Willden Smith and her ex BFF, now frenemy, Emily Patches.

Mollie Rabbit Goes to school
Another growing up task for Molly is to be able to say “no” to her mom whom she loves very much, but doesn’t need as much as before. Molly Rabbit goes to school cover smShe is torn between letting her mom choose her outfits for her, and she choosing her own outfits that she knows is happening, especially since she wants to be a fashion model and all…

Read on to see the choices Molly has made and how she tastefully dealt with her crush on Willden Smith the school heartthrob!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hollidays to Meadow Creek readers of all ages, and to Molly and Willden, the main characters in my book: “Molly Rabbit Goes to School” By Sarah V. Lewis.



Click here to order your copies.

Thank you.




What’s new – Sarah V Lewis books for children

Harriet falling down stairs

Children watch too much TV. Studies show that children watch three hours of television per day. Let’s see if we can encourage the children to read more. One thing we can start to do as parents is to limit children’s TV viewing in an effort to make time for other activities such as READING.

Here are 3 things never to use to encourage Reading:

  1. Never use TV as a reward for reading
  2. Never use TV as a punishment for not reading
  3. Never pay a child to read (Yes, some parents do!)

Here are three things to use to encourage reading:

  1. Let the children use bookmarks. Bookmarks tells them that they don’t have to read a book non-stop, but can stop, mark the page with a bookmark and get back to the story later that same day.
  2. Let them see you read
  3. Discuss what you read with them…

Amongst many other great books for kids to read is THE RABBITS by Sarah V. Lewis. (kids of all ages and 8-12)


ANIMAL STOWAWAY – This story is about the natural kindness of children towards animals and the bonding that happens between them. (Good Christmas break read for all ages as we remember Cecil the Lion)

kids at zoo talking to scientist

You can read Animal Stowaway on Kindle here

MOM WHERE’S MY DOLL– A Christmas time story about a little girl’s longing for a doll. (It’s not too early to get your copy.) (Buy a copy on Amazon) Also check out Sarah V Lewis’s facebook page for fun illustrations and other related media.

picture of Freda and Sassafras in bed

*MOLLY RABBIT GOES TO SCHOOL     (*Coming soon in October, 2015 – This book is a spinoff from THE RABBITS. Read about what Molly’s BFF Emily Patches did to her on the first day of school)

In the mean time, here is a synopsis of: THE RABBITS

This fantasy story is about a family, the setting of which is in a beautiful countryside of green sunny meadows and houses with red roofs and chimneys for colder days. Horses run freely in the fenced properties, and here and there a certain animal family may appear on its way to pick some blue berries for supper.

In this healthy environment, lived three children of the Rabbits family: Webster Lester and their tween sister Molly Rabbit. The Rabbits family and their neighbors, except Mrs. Allison, all look out for one another. Mrs. Allison did not like the Rabbits children. One day she even doused them with a bucket of ice cold water.

On the other hand, these three children, Webster, Lester and Molly like Mrs. Allison and actually saved her life one day. She had seen a deep hole in her garden and went to investigate. When she looked up she was face with the horror of all horrors.


THE RABBITS by Sarah V. Lewis, available on Amazon Kindle (Purchase a copy on Amazon)

Lets talk more about the Rabbit’s children

Who is Webster Rabbit?

Webster Rabbit wants to be a basketball pro. He loves his family and takes good care of his sister Molly. One day, his quick thinking helped save Molly’s life.  Danger was only inches away from her heels as she was chased all the way to her BFF Emily’s house.

What happened that day?

Webster had seen a family picking blue berries not far from his home. After picking their baskets full of berries, they went in the direction his sister would be taking to get home from her after-school babysitting job. Knowing his sister was on her way home he and his brother Lester quickly got on their bikes to meet her. But not before…


Were Webster and Lester able to save their sister Molly that day? To find the answers, order your copy of THE RABBITS on Amazon Kindle @ $5.99


Who is Lester Rabbit?

Lester is the very smart younger brother of the Rabbit’s family. He is a member of the Little League Basketball Sports Team, who, one day, had to save his brother Webster from a group of older basketball boys in the neighborhood.

Who is Molly Rabbit?

Molly is a really kind and cool girl, who likes painting her nails, wearing the latest fashion, and babysitting. She only gets into trouble when she decides to go into the Allisons’ yard to play in the grass while her brothers Webster and Lester snack on the flowers. She always tried to stop them from eating down the flowers but they never listened until one day…

What happened that day? Read all about it in THE RABBITS, by Sarah V. Lewis, available on Amazon Kindle (LINK)

Dangers in the Woods!

For the three Rabbits, Webster, Lester and Molly, there are new dangers to face every day in the woods. Aside from getting doused with ice cold water, chased by dogs and almost snatched up by a group of tough little leaguers, they are also busy trying to avoid getting caught by Mrs. Allison when they go into her garden to play.

Trying to avoid getting run over by Mr. Allison’s antique lawn mower, is another sweat, but the rabbits must look out for the worse enemy of all.

Who is this enemy? Would it hurt to get to know the enemy? Maybe the enemy just needs a friend? Read all about the Rabbits and their life which is chock full of adventure and surprises!

THE RABBITS by Sarah V. Lewis, available on Amazon Kindle (Purchase a copy on Amazon) is a great book for all in the family to read.