Getting to Know Mr. Red Fox

Mr. Fox is not trusted in this world. In the story “THE RABBITS” by Sarah V. Lewis you can read about a new way to see Mr. Fox. He is actually afraid to approach people. He is afraid of what they may think about him. Some may say, “He is up to no good,” and when they say that, it tears his heart to pieces because all he ever wanted to do was to help people.

In the story: “THE RABBITS”, he wanted to tell Molly not to be afraid of him but what did she do? She ran away from him and the more he ran to keep up with her to tell her he would not hurt her, the more she ran until she reached her best friend Emily’s house.

And where was Emily on the first day of school when Molly needed a friend? Was she trying to help Molly? No, she just stood there and looked down her haughty nose at Molly while she laid covered in mud, and laughed at her with her new found friend, Cressida Welch.

Mr Fox never ever wanted to hurt Molly or her brothers. He remembered when they were little babies, and how he used to watch over them.

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What children are saying about The Rabbits

Here are some comments about ‘The Rabbits’ from some of the children Sarah V Lewis tutors

  1. “The Rabbits” is an excellent story. I believe Mr. Fox wanted to be friends with people especially with Molly and her brothers. After all they were neighbors since early childhood, and he has never hurt them.
  2. I really enjoyed this book. I cried when Molly said “No guns!” to the zoo keepers, even if the shots fired were just tranquilizers.
  3. Mr. Fox is a good guy. I felt sad for him and could feel his pain when the tranquilizer darts hit him.
  4. I could tell Mr. Fox was in pain and I could imagine him being scared of the guns pointed at him. He couldn’t help being scared. He really didn’t know they were not bullets but darts to make him sleep.
  5. the story teaches about giving second chances in life. So many people have said so many bad things about foxes that nobody expects anything good of them.
  6. I think Mr. Fox is a good person, but also I don’t know what is really in his heart, because he has inherited the bad reputation of his ancestors and so its hard to tell if he is acting or not…
  7. I think it’s good that they took him to the zoo.
  8. Mr. Fox didn’t like it when Mrs. Allison yelled at the Rabbits and threw ice cold water on them. For that I think he is a cool guy.
  9. He is a nice person when he is asleep…
  10. Why did Mr. Fox run after Molly? That would scare me because I wouldn’t be able to tell if he was trying to help me or not! …

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