Animal Stowaway

Main Characters

  • Sam Smith
  • Lucy Smith
  • Sara Logan
  • Walt Logan
  • Larry Logan

Other characters

  • Mr. & Mrs. Logain
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  • Cousin Harriet

Publisher: Meadowcreek Books for All Readers


The Smiths and the Logans are neighbors who enjoy doing things together. One day they go on a trip to the beach, and Sam and Lucy Smith, along with Sara, Walt and Larry Logan find a strange animal that can turn itself into a ball. They take the animal home and hide it under Sam’s bed. As the days pass the animal becomes harder and harder to hide. It squeaks when it gets hungry so the children have to keep it fed with hamburger meat. Then just when they least need more problems, Sam and Lucy learn that their cousin Harriet is going to be spending a few weeks with them. It’s hard enough to keep their parents from finding out about the animal. Cousin Harriet has a big mouth and likes to get them into trouble. How are they going to prevent her from
finding out about the animal and telling on them?

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