Mom Where’s My Doll?

Main Characters

  • Freda Fairmont
  • Leslie Merchant Fairmont
  • Sassafras Fairmont

Other characters

  • Mr.Fairmont
  • Indigo Fairmont
  • Maria Fairmont
  • John John Fairmont

Publisher: Meadowcreek Books for All Readers

Mom Where's My Doll book cover

“Mom Where’s My doll?” is a realistic fiction christmas story about a child, Freda, not understanding why from ever since she could remember, she never got a doll from her mother at Christmas or for any other occasion. Her sisters got their Barbie and American girl dolls every Christmas, but no dolls for poor Freda! Being the child who resembles her mom the most, Freda thought she would be the pampered one, though she never wanted to be – her siblings mattered to her more than anything and she would not want them to be treated as second best. But why do her mother’s expectations of her seem to be so demanding by comparison to her siblings’? Why does she expect Freda to solve her own problems no matter how difficult they may be? There seem to be so many unanswered questions about Freda’s mother’s treatment of her. Will there be answers to Freda’s questions and if those answers are revealed will they ease her confusion and her feelings of not being loved? Will she come to understand her mother’s outlook on life? Will she start to see her mother in a new light and be able to forgive her?

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