New Book ‘Molly Rabbit Goes to School’ By Sarah V. Lewis

“Molly Rabbit Goes to School” By Sarah V. Lewis, is now available on Kindle and on Hurry and get a copy for yourself and a gift for a friend.

“Molly Rabbit goes to school” is the must read book to curl up with on any day, and especially on a chilly winter’s day and during Christmas vacation. It is a pleasant read about a growing up girl dealing with her first crush, the embarrassment of being dumped by her BFF and the task of trying to become a little more independent in her life.

Mollie Rabbit Goes to school skating kids

The world has no place for nice girls but Molly can prove them wrong when she decides to be there for her nemesis Cressida Welsh, and have the grace to bow out of the triangle that seemed to be forming between her new friend, Willden Smith and her ex BFF, now frenemy, Emily Patches.

Mollie Rabbit Goes to school
Another growing up task for Molly is to be able to say “no” to her mom whom she loves very much, but doesn’t need as much as before. Molly Rabbit goes to school cover smShe is torn between letting her mom choose her outfits for her, and she choosing her own outfits that she knows is happening, especially since she wants to be a fashion model and all…

Read on to see the choices Molly has made and how she tastefully dealt with her crush on Willden Smith the school heartthrob!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hollidays to Meadow Creek readers of all ages, and to Molly and Willden, the main characters in my book: “Molly Rabbit Goes to School” By Sarah V. Lewis.



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